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编辑点评: 动漫迷们赶紧看过来呀——2014美国圣迭戈国际动漫展开幕,DC、漫威等公司齐齐发布动漫电影新消息,还有克里斯托弗•诺兰新电影《星际穿越》、“侏罗纪”系列新作《侏罗纪世界》、“星战”系列第七部《星球大战:反叛军》等的最新预告,让我们先睹为快!

Every year, some of the biggest names in Hollywood and geek culture converge on downtown San Diego, California, US, to kick off the annual Comic-Con International, the nexus of all things entertainment, including film, TV and video games.

This year’s event, from July 24 to 27, was a bit different, though. With movies like the new Star Wars and an Avengers sequel coming out, 2015 and 2016 already promise to be the biggest years in film history. So, there were some major reveals at the 2014 Comic-Con. Read on to find out more about the highlights.

DC and Marvel in face off

Comic-Con 2013 was won by DC Comics and Warner Bros Pictures, who dropped the mega-bomb that the Batman v. Superman movie is really happening. It’s been quite a year between the announcement and this year’s Comic-Con.

On July 26, director Zack Snyder revealed a teaser for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as a first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Was it surprising? Absolutely. But was it enough? Definitely not. We can only pray for an official trailer soon.

Meanwhile, some new footage for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is set for release in May 2015, was unveiled by Marvel Studios. Marvel also announced official casting for Ant-Man and revealed that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will arrive in theaters in July 2017.

It looks like DC and Marvel will have some serious battles to fight in the following two years.

Rise of comic book TV shows

The 2014-15 TV season will mark an unprecedented milestone for comic book fans, as no less than eight shows based on comic books will be aired.

Comic-Con appearances by popular established shows like Arrow, The Walking Dead and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are nothing new. But at this year’s event, a big freshman class of comic book shows were revealed, including The Flash and iZombies on The CW; Marvel’s Agent Carter spinoff on ABC and a Daredevil TV series on Netflix; a Constantine TV reboot on NBC; and Fox’s Batman prequel series, Gotham.
最受欢迎的《绿箭侠》、《行尸走肉》和《神盾局特工》等剧集已是圣迭戈国际动漫展的老面孔了。不过,今年的漫展上,还有一些大批新的漫画改编剧集也一并发布,包括CW电视台的《闪电侠》和《我是僵尸》, ABC电视台的《卡特探员》,Netflix的《超胆侠》系列,NBC重拍的《地狱神探》,以及福克斯公司的《蝙蝠侠》前传剧集《哥谭》。

New Nolan film announced

The thrilling first trailer for Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film, was dropped in May and showed Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey embarking on a space mission with Anne Hathaway. But like all Nolan films, much of it was still wrapped in mystery.

On July 25, a brand-new trailer that isn’t yet available to the public was unveiled during a Comic-Con panel. According to Entertainment Weekly, the new footage offers a few more clues about the plot: The astronauts are looking for another Earth where human life can thrive again, and stumble upon beautiful, yet hostile, planets.

Back to pre-historic times

Some 22 years after Jurassic Park, the franchise’s first film, the long-awaited new installment, Jurassic World, will come to theaters in June 2015.

On July 27, the first teaser poster for the film was released, giving Comic-Con attendees a first look.

According to The Verge, the poster depicts a velociraptor standing on an overturned vehicle, while a building is being erected in the far distance. A helicopter carries a caged triceratops toward the building, hinting that the dinosaur, which played a small role in the first film, may appear in Jurassic World.
根据The Verge杂志曝光的海报:一只迅猛龙站在被掀翻的汽车上,远处高楼在建,一架直升机带着困着三角龙的笼子驶向大楼。这或许暗示着在第一部电影里出现过的恐龙会在《侏罗纪世界》里出现。

Star Wars series launch

Although the much-anticipated film Star Wars: Episode VII didn’t feature at this year’s Comic-Con, on July 24, Star Wars fans still got their first look at the new Star Wars Rebels series, which will premiere on the Disney Channel in October. While the animation wasn’t quite finished, it did evoke the look and feel of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977), according to USA Today.

The new series takes place in the Star Wars timeline between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, and follows a ragtag group of rebels who are figuring out how to stand up against the monolithic power of the Empire, which has just taken control of the galaxy.