Unit 9 When was he born教案

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编辑点评: 语言的运用是一种技能,但这种技能不是专靠技巧能够获得的。太讲究方法和技巧会被其占用很多的时间和精力,而对学习的内容本身投入较少的时间和精力,因此反而会影响学习的效果。

A Teaching Plan For Unit 9 “Go For It” Book 3
Teaching Aims:
● To learn about passive voice and adverbial clause with when
●To learn to use when/how long questions
●To talk about famous people
●To learn the simple past tense
Important and difficult points:
To improve the students’ abilities
Teaching Procedures:
Warming up by learning about Passive voice
What does the passive voice look like?
Compare these active sentences and passive voice sentences:
active: The boy ate the apple.
passive: The apple was eaten by the boy.
active: Mary will drive the van.
passive: The van will be driven by Mary.
Identifying S-V-DO
Only sentences which have a direct object can be made into passive voice sentences. Only verbs which take a direct object can be used in passive voice sentences. Let’s look at the sentences we saw above.
The boy ate the apple.
subject=boy, verb=ate, direct object=apple
Mary will drive the van.
subject=Mary, verb=will drive, direct object=van
You can probably identify the verb easily. The subject comes before (to the left of) the verb and the object comes after (to the right of) the verb.
Warming up by asking questions
Hello, everyone! I had a party yesterday. What kind of party? Can you guess? It was my birthday party. Yes, I was born on November 5th, 1972. What about you? Let’s find out when were you were born.
T: When is your birthday?
S: April 22
T: When were you born?
Now please pay attention to the structure
Sb + was/were + born + in + year 出生于xxxx年
We use it to express when is our birthday.For example:
I was born on October 25th, 1975.
1a Talking about international sports stars
T: Do you like sport? I think many of you like it. What sport do you like?
S: football, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, basketball and so on.
T: Ok! I know you are sports fans. You must know the famous sports stars. I have some pictures of them .Do you know them. Let’s make a list.
International Sports StarsWhat kind of sportDo you like him or her? Why?
Michael JordanBasketballsuperman
Deng YapingTable tennisPertinacity
Martina HingisTennisresourceful
David BeckhamfootballHandsome
Please think about these questions. What sport does he or she play? Do you like him or her? Why or why not?
1b Listening and writing
Listen to the tape and write the year when the sports star were born. I will play it twice. First time you can only listen and the second time you can write.
Deng Yaping:1973Michael Jordan:1963
Martina Hingis:1980David Beckham:1975
Read the tapescript and try to underline the expressions and shadow the when/how long questions
1c Doing pairwork
First let’s look at the dialogue about Deng Yaping. Please read it after me. When you read please pay attention to the pronunciations and intonations.
A: Who’s that?
B: That’s Deng Yaping. She is a great Chinese ping-pong player.
A: When was she born?
B: She was born in 1973.
Now make the similar dialogue about other people with your partners. I’d like to ask some pair to act it out. For example:
A: Who’s that?
B: That’s Michael Jordan. He is a great American basketball player.
A: When was he born?
B: He was born in 1963.
2a Listening and filling the chart
Look at the pictures. What are they doing? Learn the new words
Hiccup 打嗝
sneeze 打喷嚏
world record means the best in the world
Let’s listen to the tape carefully and fill in the chart.
While listening, try to get the important thing --- “how long”
2b Listening and filling in the chart.
Listen again and fill in the “started” and “stopped” columns.
Who holds world recordHow longStartedStopped
Charleshiccupping69years and 5 months19221990
Danna Greensneezing978daysJanuary13,9811983
Read the tapescript and try to underline the expressions and shadow the when/how long questions
2c Filling the chart and speaking
First let’s fill in the blank with the information from the chart in last part.
A: How long did Charles Smith hiccup?
B: He hiccupped for 69 years and 5 months.
A: When did he start hiccupping?
B: He started in 1922
A: When did he stop hiccupping?
B: He stopped in 1990.
Please practice the conversation with your partner.
Make the same kind of conversation about Donna Green.
The students’ conversation may be like this.
A: How long did Donna Green sneezing?
B: She sneezing for978 days.
A: When did she start her sneezing?
B: She started on January 13,1981.
A: When did she stop sneezing?
B: She stopped on September16, 1983.
Grammar Focus
Please go over this part by yourselves. Put your questions to me if you have any. Please pay attention to the tense and the past forms of verbs. When we talk about things in the past, we should use the past tense. The past form of “be” is “was” or “were”. To the regular verbs, “ed” should be added after them. And as for the irregular verbs we should remember their past forms.
3a Doing pairwork
First you read and fill in the chart with your partner.
The word achievement means “the important thing each person did in life.
Tiger WoodsStarted golf10 months old
Shirley TempleMovie starThree year old
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartWriting music Four years old
Mei LanfangFirst performed Beijing OperaTen
RonaldoPlayed for his national teamSeventeen
Liu xuanWon a gold medal at the World Championshipseventeen
3b Doing pairwork
Since you have finished reading the chart and filling in your answers, please work in pairs as is the examples in the book.
A: Who is Mozart?
B: He’s a musician.
A: When did he start writing music?
B: When he was four years old years old.
4a Interviewing
Boys and girls, let’s play a game, an interview.
Look at the chart and interview you partners by asking the question.
How old were you when…?
Name AchievementAge More information
Learned to ride a bicycle
Started learning English
Started playing sports
First went to a movie
First had a party
4b Speaking
Who would like to tell us his report about his interview?
John started things early. He learned to ride a bicycle when he was only three years old. Sometimes he fell off the bike, but he never gave up. He was a brave boy.
Closing down by having a free conversation
Some students may be interested in sports stars, but some are not. If you don’t like this topic, you can talk about your favorite persons, instead.
a good time at the party?" "Yes,we did./No,we didn't."