美国时代周刊高频词汇1000:Chapter2 简易词 动词(5)

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Chapter2 简易词 动词(5)

preserve [prɪˋzəv] v. 保存 【同】conserve maintain 【反】destroy
Today, a handful of dedicated naturalists are giving time, money and even the occasional home mortgage to help preserve a different kind of horse --- the seahorse.
prevail [prɪˋvel] v. 胜过,占优势 【同】triumph be victorious
Microsoft could still prevail, in court and in the market, but it will not escape unscathed.
unscathed adj. (肉体上、名誉上)未受伤的
promote [prəˋmot] v. 1. 促进,鼓励;2. 促销,推销商品 【同】1. encourage 【反】1. discourage
In Bangkok he will promote the seven-member Association of South East Asian Nations, which Washington considers increasingly influential.
pursue [pɚˋsu]
v. (继续)进行
Eventually, he dropped out of school to pursue his education in the online world --- the poor man’s university.
v. 推行,实行(计划、调查、研究) 【同】carry out
Another problem is that government officials often pursue self-serving agendas.
█ self-serving 自私的,利己的
v. 追求,追寻(目标等) 【同】strive for
Given our history, these are extremely hard tasks, and we are forced to pursue both goals at the same time.
reassure [ˏriəˋʃʊr] v. 使……安心,再向……保证
He could see how anxious I was and he spent some of his last hour or two reassuring me, reminding me that this was an act of love and that I should see it as such.
reduce [rɪˋdus] v. 简化,减少,降低 【反】increase
IBM made a map of the world at one ten-trillionth scale from tiny blobs of gold, while Stanford scientists reduced the first page of A Tale of Two Cities 25000-fold.
reflect [rɪˋflɛkt] v. 思索着说道
“I’ve always believed in simplicity, ” Klein reflects. ”’ve never been one to see women in reffles and all kinds of fanciful apparel. To me it’s just silly.”
█ ruffle n. 褶边;fanciful adj. (设计等)新奇的,别出心裁的;apparel n. (华丽的)衣服
refrain [rɪˋfren] v. 抑制,避免
Presenters and recipients at the next Academy Awards would be advised to refrain from rambling thank-you and unentertaining political proclamations.
█ rambling adj. 谈话、文章漫无边际的,拉拉杂杂的;unentertaining adj. 无趣的
register [ˋrɛdʒɪstɚ] v. 登记、注册
Here’s how the system works: starting this week, you’ll visit the CyberCash Web site, download an empty electronic wallet onto your hard drive and register it with the company.
reinforce [ˏriɪnˋfɔrs] v. 强化,加强 【同】strengthen
If, on the other hand, the feelings they begin to express are not recognized and reinforced by the adults around them, they not only cease to express those feelings but they also become less able to recognize them in themselves or others.
release [rɪˋlis] v. (录影带、唱片等)发行,(影片)放映
It’s been another hot year for customer electronics, one that saw Toshiba release and impressive desktop PC, Sony take a first crack at a personal computer and a swarm of companies come out with hand-held devices…
█ crack n. (口语)尝试;a swarm of 大群
render [ˋrɛndɚ] v. 提供(援助、服务) 【同】give
Teaming up with Jim Clark, then chairman of Silcon Graphics and now at Netscape, Lincoln devised a plan to stuff the graphics-rendering power of a $90000 SGI Reality Engine park … into a box that will be $250 in the U.S.
█ to team up with 与……合作; devise v. 设计,想出;stuff v.将……塞进
replace [rɪˋples] v. 取代
The White House is searching for a new World Bank president to replace Lewis Preston, who is stepping down because of illness.
resemble [rɪˋzɛmbl] v. 像
Ask Bill Gates about something he wants to talk about … and he acts like the teenage boy that he still resembles. He grins. His voice breaks.
█ grin v. 露齿而笑
resent [rɪˋzɛnt] v. 愤恨
While many of Clinton’s closest advisers resent Morris’ growing influence, he has his admirers in the White House …
reside [rɪˋzaɪd] v. 居住 【同】live
With Java, data and programs … don’t have to be stored on you computer anymore. They can reside anywhere on the Internet, called up by whoever needs them, whenever they need them.
resort [rɪˋzɔrt] v. 诉诸,动用
There is no right to resort to violence when you don’t get your way.
restore [rɪˋstɔr] v. 恢复
Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo’s plan to restore stability to his country’s wounded economy was rejected by investors for its lack of specific remedies, causing the peso to fall to a record low against the dollar by week’s end.
resume [rɪˋzum] v. 在中断之后重新开始 【同】recommence
A network of satellite-linked computer systems will guide the car safely to exit, at which point the driver will resume control to the final destination.
revive [rɪˋvaɪv] v. 复兴
To revive the ancient tradition, 129 members of the U.N. General Assembly co-sponsored a resolution calling for a worldwide cease-fire during the 17 days of the Altanta Olympics.
rush [rʌʃ] v. 匆促行事 【同】hurry
No wonder nation-states are rushing to get their levers of control into cyberspace while less than 1% of the world’s population is online.
sabotage [ˋsæbəˏtɑʒ] v. (以间接的手段)破坏
Meanwhile, the U.S. and Israel regard Iran as a rogue state that seeks to export terror, build nuclear weapons and sabotage the Middle East peace process.
█ rogue n. 恶棍,流氓
scatter [ˋskætɚ] v. 散播,散布
Epstein … notes that in recent years variants of the class of viruses that includes measles have killed seals in the North sea, lions in the Serengeti and horses in Australia --- three very different animals widely scattered around the globe.
shed [ʃɛd] v. 使泻出,散发
Today the yellow arches of McDonald’s shed their plastic gleam on Red Square, and gangsterism tules instead of socialist virtue.
shrink [ʃrɪŋk] v. 减少,变小(pt shrank, pp shrunk) 【反】grow
Samsung Electronic, for example, which has seen its stock price shrink by half since the beginning of the year, has cut back 16-megabitchip production nearly 15%.