stand by的用法

所属专题:2015年中考英语  来源:沪江中学学科网    要点:中考英语  
编辑点评: stand by的用法时中考英语常见考点之一,本文为你归纳总结stand by的用法,让你如虎添翼。 close beside or near 紧靠在旁边
Mary could not tell Jane the secret with her little brother standing by. 玛丽不能把秘密告诉简,因为她的弟弟当时站在旁边。
The house stands by the river.房屋位于河边。 sth.and do nothing 袖手旁观
He could not stand by and watch the boy being beaten.他不能袖手旁观孩子被打。
Don't just stand by.Can't you lend a hand?别袖手旁观,你不能帮一下忙吗? near;wait to do sth.when needed 在附近等待做某事;准备行动
The policeman in the patrol car radioed the station about the robbery,and stood by for orders.巡逻车里的警察用无线电向总部报告有关抢劫案的情况,然后等待行动命令。

4.follow or keep(one's promise) 信守(诺言)
He is a boy who always stands by his promises.他是个信守诺言的男孩。
I stand by every word I said.我信守我说的每一句话。 loyal to;support 忠于;支持
He is the sort of person who will always stand by a friend. 他是那种永远忠实于朋友的人。
When three big boys attacked Bill,Ed stood by him.当3个大男孩袭击比尔时,艾德帮助了他。